Welcome to B+W,
Your company for Innovative Products.

The company B+W GmbH was founded by the owner Georg Buddenkotte and Christian Wiesner in 1997.
Since founding, the company is specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of products for the bulk material industry and is constantly evolving.

By using our products the efficiency of your systems will be increased due to improving plant safety and ensuring environmental and safety compliance.

NALTEC® Water Fog System

  • Dedusting of bulk materials
  • Cooling and/or humidification of air, gas and materials
  • Odour elimination
  • Encrusting of surfaces

NALTEC® Water Irrigation System

  • Industry (stockpile and roadway irrigation systems)
  • Sports fields (lawn and clay courts, tennis courts, golf courses)
  • Private (house gardens, parks, planting beds)

MATAKT® Compressed Air Gun Equipment (Air Cannons)

  • Discharge assistance for bunkers, silos and pipelines
  • Cleaning and increasing throughput of screens

FLAER® Conveyor Belt Scrapers

  • Cleaning of conveyor belt systems

For the areas of application of our products, we offer you custom-made solutions. Of course, we also offer maintenance and repair work – besides turnkey-assembly.


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